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Newest and Lightweight Optical Lens

Myopic? Presbyopic? Cataracts? Gilbert how to take nandrolone decanoate Eyecare can help! Whether you need glasses for reading, driving, working or playing, Gilbert Eyecare has a range of exceptional products that will help you to see your best!

Your eye doctor’s job is to help determine your prescription. Your optician’s job is help you find the right frame and glasses lenses to fit your needs! The optical staff at Gilbert Eyecare are certified Opticians who have 20+ years of training and expertise to recommend the perfect lenses for the way you use your eyes every day. We are proud to say that Gilbert Eyecare is the office that optical lens manufacturers turn to first with the newest and lightest weight lens products as soon as they become available. These products incorporate the latest technology to ensure that your glasses give you your best possible vision!

Most optical chain stores carry only a handful of lenses to choose from, therefore limiting your options and also limiting your visual potential! Gilbert Eyecare is proud to offer our patients over 50 different types of lenses, so that we are sure to find exactly the perfect lenses for your individual needs.

Single Vision Lenses

Working, playing, reading, driving — whatever you do, you want to look great in your new eyeglasses. More importantly, you want to have great vision with them as well! Gilbert Eyecare has the thinnest and lightest weight single vision lenses from the major lens manufacturers to suit your personal taste, allowing crystal clear vision with no distortion induced from thicker lens materials.

Digital Progressive Lenses

In our early to mid-40’s, we all start to have difficulty focusing at close range. You may notice that reading up close takes more effort and causes more eyestrain than it used to. That is when our single vision glasses lenses can no longer be used for the entire range of vision from far to near. We can help! And without the need of the dreaded lined bifocal! Gilbert Eyecare uses Digital Progressive lenses to provide crisp vision for far away, mid-range, AND near. No more eyestrain or headaches! Our Digital Progressive lenses may also be made into specialized designs for those with prolonged computer work. What about sunglasses? We’ve got you covered. You can easily incorporate progressive lenses into your new sunglasses so that you can enjoy the beach and your book at the same time.

Virginia Beach Location

Our Virginia Beach Eye Care office is conveniently located off Laskin Road in Hilltop.

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