Pink Eye

Treating Pink Eye in Virginia Beach and Norfolk VA

When visiting our eye doctors in Norfolk or Virginia Beach for an eye infection, you can expect the highest quality in treatment solutions. Pink eye is a common problem that our optometrists treat. Depending on the severity of your symptoms and the situation, we make personalized recommendations about treatment solutions and the recovery process.

What is Pink Eye?

In general, pink eye refers to any redness and swelling of the mucus membrane around the eyes. It may occur at any time and can happen to anybody. The underlying causes of the condition stem from a number of common situations.

Although Pink Eye can often be painful and annoying, the problem does not usually cause major damage to the eyes. In most cases, our doctor will write a prescription for medicated drops, recommend limited exposure to certain environments. Although Pink Eye is usually not a sight threatening ailment, any infection involving your eyes should be taken seriously. If you think you may have Pink Eye, contact our office immediately to seek treatment.

Causes of Pink Eye

The underlying causes of pink eye depend on the specific situation. Usually, it refers to inflammation and redness caused by infections in the eye. It may also relate to allergic reactions or any problem causing swelling.

The most common reasons the condition develops include:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Viral infections
  • Allergic reactions
  • Dry eyes, which may stem from multiple situations and causes
  • Chemical exposure
  • Complications from overuse of contact lenses

Since the condition stems from a wide array of problems, the potential risks associated with the condition vary. For example, chemical exposure may damage the eyes or certain structures in the eyes, which increases the risk of vision loss.

When to Seek Professional Treatment

Seeking professional treatment from optometrists at our clinic depends on the situation. As a general rule, seek treatment for the condition if you do not know the underlying cause, if it persists for an extended period or if the redness causes discomfort, pain or a loss of vision.

Always seek medical attention if you experience extreme pain when looking into lights or you notice blurring, double vision or halos in your normal vision. You also want to seek treatment if the redness is not the only symptom of a problem. For example, if you develop a fever or you notice sudden chills.

Do not ignore a sudden loss of vision or extreme pain in your eyes and face. The pain suggests a serious health concern and requires appropriate treatment. You also want to seek treatment if you notice odd discharge from the eyes, particularly if it is yellow or green.

As a general rule, seek treatment when you have any concerns about your vision health or when you do not understand the underlying cause of the problem. Treatment should be sought if the problem worsens or it stems from chemical exposure.

Our eyes and our sight are a precious gift. Our doctors are always here to help keep them as healthy as possible. To learn more about treating eye health conditions, contact us today at 757-622-0200 (Norfolk) or 757-425-0200 (Virginia Beach).