Serving My Family For Generations

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Gilbert Eyecare has been taking care of my family for generations. Before I realized this I used a different eye care provider that was in my plan.

One day the other care provider who shall remain nameless suddenly didn’t know who I was because of their inability to find me in their network. Nothing had changed – not me, not my insurance, and not my employer… So after an hour of repeating myself and providing my insurance cards – I walked out and never returned. I am guessing they won’t miss me because I couldn’t be located in their system. I am so thankful I rediscovered Gilbert Eyecare. . . I get personal care from Gilbert Eyecare. They know who I am as a person before they know about me a patient. If you want your eye care professional to know you and care about you as a person, neighbor and a patient you owe it to yourself to work with Gilbert Eyecare.

-Robert H. Ashburner, Jr. April 20, 2018