New Patients

Posted above are some forms you may print and fill out before you come into our stores that will save you time once you arrive. Print the appropriate form today and save time when you make your appointment tomorrow.

We provide state of the art, full-scope Optometric services, utilizing a wide range of products and skills – some exclusive – to all who are in need of professional eye care. We back this up with a solid track record, experience, warranties and value for money. At Gilbert Eyecare we specialize in personal, unhurried Eye Health and Vision Examinations for both children and adults in a comfortable, sterile environment. Each exam is customized by Dr. David Gilbert, providing for a thorough and excellent patient experience.

Your examination begins with a thorough review of your overall health, eye health and vision. Next a neurological test is performed by checking your pupils and an eye muscle test is done to evaluate all 12 muscles. Color vision and depth perception tests are performed whenever necessary. A thorough dilated retinal evaluation is performed to assess your eye health. Corneal curvature measurements and microscopic assessment of the front of your eyes are all a part of our unique evaluation. We are always on the lookout for signs of cataracts, infections and allergies. A precise refraction (eyeglass prescription) by our meticulous doctors clearly separates us from our competition.

Glaucoma Test- Retinal Imaging is used for most patients as there choice for this test that measures your eye pressure. Retinal imaging also creates a digital photo of the back of the eye which we can use to evaluate the health of your eyes and be used for future ocular health comparison. There are unfortunately many eye diseases like glaucoma that have no outward symptoms. This makes it essential that you have your eyes evaluated once a year to be sure no adverse conditions are developing that would jeopardize your continued good eye health and vision. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Make an appointment with Dr Gilbert or Dr. Falsetta and let us help you see better.