Whether you want sunglasses for sport, sunglasses for driving, sunglasses for work, or sunglasses for play, you will find exactly what you want at Gilbert Eyecare. We have the largest selection of sport and haute couture sunglasses in Hampton Roads. We also take the time to custom fit each pair to you. With the areas best selection of designer eyewear, you are sure to find a pair of the most fashionable new eyewear that is a perfect fit for your individual style.


Photochromic Lenses
A photochromic glass lens automatically darkens in bright light and becomes lighter in low light. Most of the darkening takes place in about half a minute, while the lightening takes about five minutes. They come in a uniform or gradient tint. Although photochromic lenses may be good UV-absorbent sunglasses (again, the label must say that), it takes time for them to adjust to different light conditions.
Polarized Lenses
Polarized lenses cut reflected glare – sunlight that bounces off smooth surfaces like pavement or water. They can be particularly useful for driving and fishing. Polarization has nothing to do with UV light absorption, but many polarized lenses are now combined with a UV-blocking substance.
Mirror Finish
Mirror finishes are thin layers of various metallic coatings on an ordinary lens. Although they do reduce the amount of visible light entering your eyes, do not assume they will fully protect you against UV radiation.
Amber Lenses
Lenses that block all blue light are usually amber and make your surroundings look yellow or orange. The tint supposedly makes distant objects appear more distinct, especially in snow or haze. For this reason, amber sunglasses are popular among skiers, hunters, boaters and pilots.
Wraparound glasses are shaped to keep light from shining around the frames and into your eyes. Studies have shown that enough UV rays enter around ordinary eyeglass frames to reduce the benefits of protective lenses. Large-framed wraparound sunglasses can protect your eyes from all angles.